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Kids Programs

At WCKA we are passionate about helping every child succeed.  Our kids programs are designed to use positive reinforcement to help build a strong mental and physical foundation.  Benefits of children in martial arts include:

  • improved motor skills

  • building self-confidence

  • better self-control and courtesy

  • increased focus and attention span

Help your child build respect, confidence, and focus by joining one of our kids programs.  

Tiny Tigers (Ages 3-5)

Little Ninjas (Ages 5-7)

Our Tiny Tigers class focuses on building self-confidence and learning self-control.  We do this by providing:

  • physical fitness activities

  • lessons for listening and following directions

  • fun drills

  • teamwork activities

The Little Ninja class incorporates basic karate to enhance self-control and discipline.  In this beginner class you will experience:

  • increase in fitness activities

  • introduction to sparring techniques

  • begin to learn self-defense tactics

  • teamwork and corporation with others

Help your child discover the champion within them by starting their journey at WCKA!

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