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  • Do I have to be in good shape before I start?
    No, you will get into shape as you train. We have a series of exercises that you will learn as you progress through the ranking system.
  • I am 31 years old, am I too old to start martial arts?"
    No, you are not too old to begin martial arts training. WCKA regularly has students start from adolecense through their 50's and older.
  • What is the difference between your school and others around you?
    At WCKA we want this to be a journey that you will remember and enjoy your entire life. A black belt is not somthing that you can earn in less than a year. Our goal for you is to not only earn your black belt, but to enjoy the life lessons earning a black belt will teach you. For the students that want to compete, we offer a regional circuit that each student, no matter the belt rank, can compete in. We spend many weekends traveling, making memories, and building friendships.
  • I am very busy with my work schedule, how much time do I need to devote to classes?"
    Two classes a week are recommended, as is practicing at home. As you progress through the ranks, if you want more 1:1 attention we offer private lessons which can further help hone your skills.
  • How long does it take to get a black belt?
    In Goju Shorei Karate, it takes approximately 3 years to earn a black belt. The time it takes depends vastly on the amount of time at the dojo and home learning and perfecting mindset and techniques.
  • What sort of things should I consider when choosing a school?
    When choosing a martial arts school you should consider your goal and what you or your child needs. Is the school actually teaching real life martial arts, are they realistic with your goals, are they involved and encouraging you or your child to better themselves outside of the dojo? There are many articles about choosing the correct school. We found this one gives the best information.
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